Don’t Smile!


Why do we always insist on people smiling for our photos, especially kids? We’re complex beings with a full range of emotions. Why fill our family photo albums with people trying to look happy. Don’t get me wrong, a shot of loved ones in the midst of a laugh or sharing a jovial moment is a wonderful thing. But lining everyone up in front of the camera like a reverse firing squad and demanding that they look happy for the camera is a real drag, and some of us don’t have a go-to fake smile we can activate on cue.

So, sure, go ahead and take the group shots so you can identify loved ones for future generations; but don’t be afraid to shoot real candid emotions, happy or not. What were the circumstances behind the shot above? I had been taking photos of her siblings and asked Kobi if she wanted her photo taken as well. She replied “sure” unenthusiastically, obviously being in a bit of a funk, and stood before the camera. The kids are used to me taking multiple “test” shots so she stayed in character. I like this one because it captures something real. I think when I look back at this in the future I’ll remember who she is/was and it will inspire more memories than any “say cheese” moment would have.



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