Grunge and Enlightenment

I took this photograph mere days after I bought my first digital SLR. My wife and I were walking down a side-street in New Orleans and I caught a glimpse of the light flashing off of this old warehouse. In retrospect I think it was the quality of the light, the contrast, and the interplay of geometric shapes that attracted me to this scene. But I could never really portray it as I felt it until I improved my post-production skills. It was just days ago when I was grazing back 6 years deep into my photo database that I saw this photo again and produced this final image.

I’ve found that often the photographs I have taken that I like the most are captured quickly without a lot of deliberation and pre-visualization. I know this is contrary to the advice frequently given by photographers; but I am learning that sometimes bypassing the conscious mind and connecting the action directly with the impulse is the key to personal creativity. I first experienced this years ago as a musician. It was just a night at a dive bar. I don’t remember anything particularly special about the mood or audience, but when my solo came up suddenly all of the things I wanted to “say” instrumentally came out without conscious effort. It wasn’t just that my phrasing was better than usual or that there was more continuity between passages than normal. I was literally playing lines that I could not physically perform before. My conscious mind just watched what was happening and enjoyed the show. That only happened to me once, but I retain that image of what is possible.

How do you do this deliberately…you can’t, that’s the irony.

It’s still worth pursuing…



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