Getting back to “bassline”

I’ve found that, like a well-prepared meal, sometimes photos need to marinate and simmer for awhile before they are ready to serve up.  That’s the case with this one.  I shot this within days of purchasing my first DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera back in 2005.  My wife and I enjoyed a very stimulating vacation in pre-Katrina New Orleans that inspired me to purchase my first DSLR.

While strolling through the photos from this trip, I realized the many connections that I have to this photo.  First of all, hey…it’s a shrink-wrapped upright bass, how often do you see that?  And unattended no less.   I happen to have been a bass player before doing photography.  It also happens that I left a belonging of ours at this same bar.  My wife and I had a quick drink there one afternoon, and I just happened to leave our backpack with our old non-DSLR point and shoot camera slung over the back of one of the bar-stools.  When we later realized my oversight, we rushed back to the bar to find the backpack, fully intact, still slung over the bar-stool.

I know, you’re probably trying to find a connection to this incident and the decision to purchase my first DSLR.  Well, there is no direct connection to this specific moment.  But, I’ve found that getting outside of your routine surroundings can be an excellent catalyst to rejuvenation and self-reassessment.  It was the inspiration of this dynamic place that inspired me take the plunge into “serious” digital photography.

More to come…


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