Frozen Moments of Life

I like freezing moments in time. For whatever reason, I seem to be especially attracted to life unfolding in seemingly insignificant ways. It’s just the reality of un-posed humans doing what they do. Admittedly I don’t photograph humans very often. Chalk it up to the reluctance of invading people’s privacy, or the risk of legal complications. But I have had encounters with people when wandering the streets where it just “felt right” to grab the moment with them as willing participants. The photo above is not one of those chance face-to-face encounters with fellow human. I was wandering around Nob Hill in San Francisco and saw this person waiting to cross the street at Vito’s. I know nothing of this person or Vito’s; but the scene in my mind had an inexplicable continuity to it.

If you like this photographic concept, do an Internet search for Henri Cartier-Bresson. He is commonly known as the father of modern photojournalism and the concept of the “Decisive Moment.”

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