Return to Sanity

First of all, let me apologize to both of you who regularly follow my blog. I haven’t posted a blog entry for over a week because I was sent away to a Project Management Boot Camp. Yes, it was everything you would imagine. There were long days of lecture and workshops. And just to top it all off, there was plenty of obligatory fun. I should have blogged over the weekend, but I was trying to detox from an almost fatal dose of social interaction.

In all fairness, I did bring home quite a bit of valuable information. And I do appreciate, when forced to, that getting outside of your element has its benefits– even if it is a corporate function. But, I am quite pleased to be home.

Oh yeah, what does the photo have to do with this blog entry? Come on, both of you know that there’s not always a correlation. This image was captured at Stefansdom in Vienna. I have posted several images from this trip because it was quite a photogenic place. I hope to return there soon.

Thank you both for your support,


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