Chihuly Exhibits

We just went to the Chihuly exhibits at the Frist Museum and Cheekwood.  The works were pretty impressive in scale, volume and detail.  Obviously a massive amount of effort went into these exhibits.

I must say that when I saw the documentary showing how the works were created, I had to rethink my impression of the solo artist involved in a herculean effort.  Apparently Chihuly himself doesn’t do the hands-on labor anymore (after he lost vision in one eye).  He produces drawings and two-dimensional abstractions using techniques reminiscent of Jackson Pollack.  The final works were created by a very talented team of glassblowers interpreting his drawings/paintings.  The coordination of the team is entertaining to watch.  It’s almost like a band or a team of athletes playing together.

It was also rather fun to watch the people interacting with the artworks.  The way the strong light rimmed the edges of the profile of this admirer caught my eye as much as the work itself.  Even though you can see little more than the outline of this individual, you can sort of get a feel for the emotion of the interaction.

Happy Labor Day.


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