Weird Tuesday, continued

Later that day, I took my normal lunchtime walk, which happened to take an associate of mine and myself past the Farmer’s Market.  A merchant at the market ran up to me and said “I have been looking for you!”  As it turns out, his business had suffered some pretty significant flood damage, especially in the basement– which had been flooded all the way to the ceiling.  He was just looking for someone to take some photos of the damage to submit to FEMA; and he noticed the Canon G11 slung over my shoulder.  There were pallets of “dry” produce as well as multiple coolers of vegetables that were rotten and gave off a horrid stench.

So we shuffled around in the darkness, myself  trying to take still photos and my companion taking video with the merchant’s camera.  Even though I couldn’t see what I was photographing until the flash fired, the infrared focus of the G11 did a great job.  I went home that night, edited and printed the photos, and delivered them to the merchant the next day.  He was most appreciative.

I am sparing you the photos out of concern for the merchant’s privacy and because, as you can imagine, they weren’t particularly esthetically pleasing. 

Until next…Dwight

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